Egypt takes part in celebration of World Biodiversity Day on social media

Egypt takes part in celebration of World Biodiversity Day on social media


Egypt takes part in the celebration of the World Biodiversity Day through several video clips and tweets on the Environment Ministry’s social networks pages, Minister of Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad said Saturday 22/05/2022

In her statement on the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day, Fouad stressed the importance of shedding light on the biodiversity to protect the earth, and mankind.

Protecting the biodiversity is the main way to face the current sustainable development challenges, she added. 

Dr. Jasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, stressed the importance of returning to harmony with nature as a real opportunity to protect humanity and the planet and to highlight the importance of biodiversity and to protect it from the effects of climate change, especially given Egypt's hosting of the twenty-seventh session of the Climate Conference COP27 and what the current global situation imposes on us in emphasizing that environmental protection and biodiversity is no longer a luxury. Noting that this year's motto underscores the importance of global solidarity at all levels for building a future in harmony with nature and the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity to ensure human health and the planet, which is closely linked to biodiversity, Since by encroaching on nature and destroying natural habitats, an increasing number of species are at risk, This risk extends to humanity and the future, the best evidence of which is the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

 Dr. Jasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment indicated that Egypt seek to extend our partnership in supporting the climate change file by translating the national climate change strategy into a package of projects in the fields of mitigation and adaptation as well as cooperation in launching the National Climate Dialogue, which includes the involvement of Egyptian society in its various segments in the issue of climate change.

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