Egypt Islamic Cultural Center

Egypt Islamic Cultural Center

Egypt Islamic Cultural Center


According to a survey by the Egyptian Center for Studies, the Islamic Cultural Center of Egypt's initiative got the Merit Award, an honour related to culture and religion.

Project details:

  • The facility is 19,100 square metres in size and can seat 12,000 worshippers. It has three major entrances capped by domes, as well as a fourth service entrance. The mosque has a prayer hall that is 9,600 square metres in size.
  • It is situated on a 24 metre high plateau in the middle of the New Administrative Capital, flanked to the north by Road No. 11, the Presidential Axis, and People's Square, and to the south by Mohammed bin Zayed North Road.
  • The two minarets rise roughly 140 m above the top courtyard and have a total size of 1600 m2.
  • The structure features two major entrances and two minor entrances that connect the mosque's secondary courtyard and top courtyard. The overall area is 59,765 m2, divided between stores, administrative offices, and conference rooms.