Pm follows up a national contribution plan for the National Climate Change Council

Pm follows up a national contribution plan for the National Climate Change Council


The Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, asserting that all preparations are going on as planned By the Government to announce the national contribution plan of the National Climate Change Council; In the light of Egypt's launch of the National Strategy for Climate Change, the Egyptian state is preparing to host the climate conference COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh next November, adding that the website of the conference was launched.


The meeting was attended by presence of Dr. Mohammed Shakir, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Dr. Mohamed Abdelaty Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Dr. Hala Al-Saeed Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat Minister of International Cooperation Minister of Environment, Mr. Kassir Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ambassador Mohamed Nasr, Director of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shirin Al-Sharqawi Assistant Minister of Finance, Khaled Nawfal Assistant Minister of Finance and officials of a number of ministries and stakeholders.


During the meeting, the Minister of Environment reviewed the proposal of the updated national contributions document for Egypt 2030, revealing  that Egypt faced many development challenges that were exacerbated by the adverse effects of climate change and the attendant pressures on the national budget, as well as the need to address the economic impacts of the pandemic However, Egypt has been able to embark on a wide range of climate policies and projects in detail in this document, reflecting Egypt's ambitious contribution to global efforts despite Egypt's scant responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions.

The meeting tackled the design of the conference venue and pavilions planned to host COP27 activities.

The minister issued directives to set up booths for the young people to help them present their ideas, innovations and success stories.

The meeting also dealt with precautionary measures set to be taken to curb the spread of Covid-19, as well as lessons learned from the COP26 conference held last year in Glasgow.

For their part, the mission representatives praised efforts taken by Egypt in preparation for the conference.

They also voiced their confidence in Egypt’s ability to finalise all such preparations as per the pre-set timetable.


The Minister added that this document provides an update of Egypt's first nationally determined contributions, covering the period up to 2030, and the update of nationally determined contributions is in line with Egypt's development and climate change policies, noting that representatives of ministries have been consulted in this regard.

The environment minister said the initiatives on waste, water, agriculture, finance, equitable energy transition, sustainable cities, and gender equality have been completed.

Fouad also talked about preparations with regard to accommodation, flights, communications and media, health aspects, technology logistics services, audio-visual facilities, the local support team, and volunteers.

Dr. Jasmine Fouad presented the mitigation goals for electricity generation, transmission and distribution until 2030, as well as for the petroleum and gas sectors, transport, industry and urban buildings, tourism and waste management.


During the meeting, the Minister also addressed the main objectives of adaptation to 2030 in the areas of water resources and irrigation, agriculture, urban development and tourism. She also reviewed the main objectives of adaptation in coastal areas, as well as a number of other measures. The update of nationally determined contributions was Egypt's pledge to take action on climate change until 2030.






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