About Us

About Us

We Can Create an Environment That's Beyond Your Imagination.

EMPC is an international media service provider with a wide range of professional team of journalists, producers, reporters and Cameramen available 24/7 ensures a smooth and efficient workflow and accurate coverage of any news worldwide.

EMPC is the newest division of the Egyptian media production city in the 6th of October that is located in the Heart of Cairo, offering an extensive range of news production facilities, and broadcasting solutions.

EMPC team a customizes production plans for its clients, From Sports to Entertainment, TV Shows to Concerts and Interview Programs an experienced team of producers, directors, reporters and cameramen provide full production support, supported by the wide choice of technical equipment, SNG and OB Vans ensures the highest quality production.


Providing foreign channels and foreign correspondents with visual news coverage inside Egypt by providing them with necessary tools and methods for their operations ( Cameras, crews, studios, locations, etc…)


To extend the services of the media center abroad to be on a larger scale around the world.


Credibility: Dealing with information honestly and objectively when it is announced.

Respecting customers: Appreciating customers for their time, choices and requirements.

Fulfilling Contracts: Commitment to the agreements between the company and the customer with all transparency.

Excellence in customer satisfaction: following the highest standards of quality and performance with continuous development.